small people/small heart small people/small heart

small people/small heart small people/small heart


small people/small haert
素材/写真、ビデオ(映像編集 何 綺 )
Material/few Digtal photo,a Video(directed by Ho Chi)

台灣國立政治大學の主催する、国際ワークショップ&会議『ImaginAsia 想像亞州』のワークショップにて、

the Group work by 4 members on Workshop of International Workshop and Conference"ImaginASIA 2011" .
We visited Xitou erea, Taiwan for 5 days. And studied by observation in post-disaster reconstruction
area that was suffered by the Eearthquack in 1999,Taiwan.
We had practically working and meeting time is 2 and a half days

グループメンバー the group member
加藤 恭一郎(日本)/鈴木 甫実弥(日本)/何 綺(台湾)/中村 絵美(日本)
Kato Kyoichiro(Japan)/Suzuki Fumiya(Japan)/Ho Chi(Taiwan)/Nakamura Emi(Japan)

ビデオはこちらのHPで見られます。You can watch a video as a part of this work.

Click "Works" in menu bar. Lower the window, and you'll detect few videos.
Our work is "Group 5" in "Xitou Workshop".