mammoth projectについて



A lot of mammals that lived in continent were introduced to Hokkaido for new land at the last glacial period when the Bison, etc.lived.
A lot of kinds of grasses grew thickly also in Hokkaido at that time. For example,True grasses such as bluegrass belonging, carexes including companion of felon herb, eriophorum, and mountain avens, etc.Mammoths seem to had been eating these plants of the still in existence.

These plants are being in Hokkaido now.
These plants who stop the shape on ancient times are sure to become "chances" for ancient age to a touched fact .
Perhaps,You will be able to think it was a recent event that the history of the human development who started several thousand years ago.

The mammoth project want to review this plant that is called a weed.
And, I'm starting the preparation for looking for the environment to be able to live mammoth being relieved in present Hokkaido.